New products include Purple Rain hybrid strain and Swerve bars.

Kine2b 1/8 oz. are 28% larger at 4.5 grams.  See our menu items for other available specials.

I am available to take orders between 9am and 11am (Pacific: San Francisco, CA) Mon-Sat at 415-505-7066 and by other times via email:

Same day delivery available for all orders placed by 11 AM.  Kine2b is currently closed on Sundays. Minimum order is $55. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

My prices are of fair market value for what my service entails and include CA State sales tax. Please be aware that different exotic strains of marijuana will cost varying amounts of money, depending on the time of year and inherent supply.

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Simply put, my $300 30g ounces can be divided into 10g samples of 3 different strains. Much like any other ‘tasting’ I’m happy to provide the same courtesy to those preferring to try a variety of SF’s Finest.  Just let me know that you’d like to split your ounce and among which 3 varieties when you place your order.

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Purple Rain

Purple Kush x Godzilla Grape

50% Indica  50% Sativa  19-21% THC

This strain has frosty deep purple buds that are good sized, tight and sparkle when you look at ’em.

Immediately, you’re hit with the refreshing smell of fresh berries and grape. It’s strong and fragrant and soon fills the room. You won’t want to take your nose out of the bag, inhaling deeply.

Purple Rain delivers a fusion of cerebral euphoria and physical relaxation. It gives you a real feeling of contentment.  Like most heavily Indica varieties, Purple Rain is effective in the treatment of aches, pain, stress, insomnia, muscle spasms. Really shines for nausea & loss of appetite and anxiety. Effects are for 1.5-2.5 hrs., perfect for those that have something planned later.

4.5 grams:   $  55
9.0 grams:   $110
15.0 grams:  $150
30 gram oz:  $300

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OG Kush X Durban Poison parents

60% Indica 40% Sativa 28% THC

It’s back, the legendary Girl Scout Cookies. This strain has a powerful long lasting euphoric high followed by a full body relax.

With a sweet spicy aroma and lemony minty taste.

4.5 grams:   $  55
9.0 grams:   $110
15.0 grams:  $150
30 gram oz:  $300

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70% Indica 30% Sativa 27.6% THC

OG Kush parent

Also known as Kobe OG this strain has large sticky and dense buds with orange hairs.

The taste has a sweet citrus and pine flavor and aroma.  The effects are arousing, mood elevating, relaxing and happy.

A Cannabis Cup medalist for the last six years makes this a great choice for date night.

4.5 grams:   $  55
9.0 grams:   $110
15.0 grams:  $150
30 gram oz:  $300

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50% Sativa   50% Indica THC 26.8% 

Izzy’s Favorite

Girl Scout Cookies x Starfighter

Super frosty nuggets with tastes of sweet vanilla and nutty earth topped with butter, very creamy, insanely delicious.  Crazy strong at 26% + %.    The high starts with a happy head lift.  Long lasting.  Both euphoric and creative with a sense of energy.  Later, deep relaxation sets in.

4.5 grams:   $  55
9.0 grams:   $110
15.0 grams:  $150
30 gram oz:  $300

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90% Sativa 45% Indica 22% THC

This legendary invigorating high THC sativa (90%) strain is named for its pungent gassy smell.  This is a fast acting strain that will leave you feeling energized with a dreamy  quality.  Used to treat anxiety, depression and nausea.

4.5 grams:   $  55
9.0 grams:   $110
15.0 grams:  $150
30 gram oz:  $300

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Charlie Murphy Strain

90% Indica 10% Sativa 19.8% THC

Bubba Kush x Crazy Purps

Large, super frosty, FREAKISHLY deep dark purple buds with a thin layer of frosty green.  This strain has quickly made celebrity status.

Deep purple flavor. Purple and sweet.  With strong, long lasting effects.

This strain is more energetic than relaxing, with mostly a head high, but then a nice full body relax.

7.5 grams:      $55

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Blueberry (DJ Short)

Indica 80% Sativa 20% THC 20%

Sweet flavors of fresh blueberries combine with relaxing effects for long lasting euphoria.  A hybrid from Purple Thai and Afghani lineage.  Used to help suppress pain and to relieve stress.

7.5  grams       $  55

15.0  grams     $ 110

30.0 grams     $  200



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BUZZ BAR  Sativa-hybrid hash with Cacao (intelligence and memory support), Coconut (nourishment and strength building), and Maca (energy and endurance) for a long lasting, focused energy that is perfect for working or working out!

SNOOZE BAR Indica-hybrid hash augmented by Nutmeg, Almonds, Poppy Seeds and 4 Ayurvedic sleep herbs. These ingredients have been recognized by many cultures to support restful sleep and counter the effects of stress.

SNUGGLE BITES reflects common knowledge and ancient wisdom that cannabis is a healthy sexual enhancer. We have includes herbs that are used as ‘aphrodisiacs’ in Indian medicine. They don’t just increase libido but strengthen the body for greater fulfillment for both men or women. Medicators report that Snuggle Bites increases passion! Snuggle Bites is perfect for people who medicate to experience life more fully.

Contains 200 mg THC. It is segmented into 4 Individual doses at 50 mg                         $20


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VET CBD Tincture

Veterinarian all natural formulated tincture for pets.  Suggested uses are for controlling seizures, pain, anxiety, and inflammation.  May take 24-48 hours for results.  Please see for more information.

1 oz.   $40

2 oz.   $70

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Apollo medical cannabis tinctures are now available at Kine2b.  Extensive analytical testing is done to ensures the highest cannabinoids from starting material to final product.  A range of products are available THCa (Non-Psychoactive) CBD (Psycho-Deactivating) THC (Psychoactive)  THC/CBD (Mildly Psychoactive) CBN (Psychoactive).

15 ml      $40

Apollo Tinctures

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Cannabrex Nutraceutical Capsules


1 capsule has over 250 mg of pure, organic decarboxylized  trichrome crystals.  The psychoactive effect is just amazing!!!

Tom and Izzy first made these years ago but always in small quantities for friends and family. At an early Cannabis Freedom Day, Jack Herer had the booth next to us and he claimed that “it’s like an all-natural ecstacy-lite! I really dig it!” Others have said that it’s like a strong brownie without the sedativeness. Energetic.

  • 1 capsule:      $10  
  • 10 capsules: $90


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All crystalline trichome powder screened from indoor material. (What is a plant’s trichome? Find out HERE).

  • 1 gram:        $15
  • 3.5 grams: $45
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High THC Honeycomb Wax



Made from OG Kush

Strong, sweet, and fragrant wonderful stuff. (THC 79.2%) This is a smokable high THC medical cannabis product.

  • 1.5 gram  $40
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Artisan Cannabis Brownies


These are the “kine cannabinoid count” 70%-90% total butter content with at least 4  doses of medical marijuana.  Due to hand artisan bakery, each piece will vary slightly, but weighs approximately 80 grams.

Ingredients:  Sugar, Flour, Cocoa Powder, Cannabis Butter, Soy Lecithin Granules

  • 1 brownie:    $ 8
  • 10 brownies $70


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Artisan Cannabis Caramels


These medical marijuana caramels are receiving high praise. Each piece is hand-cut and wrapped in wax paper, with a nice sedative effect. Since these are small-batch, availability may be limited.

Ingredients: Brown sugar, corn syrup,  sweetened condensed milk, cannabis butter. Piece size will vary slightly.

  • (1) 10 gram piece:      $  3
  • (5) 10 gram pieces:   $12

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a.k.a: “Ghee” or “Punda Budda” the material I use to make my edibles. 100 grams should provide 5-6 strong doses.

  • 100 grams: $30
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