60% Indica 40% Sativa   up to 27.2% THC

Girl Scout Cookies x Cherry Pie

Large, green, brown, & red chunky globular nuggets. This is one colorful strain. Thick, well developed tri-chrome makes these buds very frosty.  Tangy, citrus with a hint of skunk aroma with hints of creaminess. Tastes sweet and rich, with a creamy mouthful reminiscent of wedding cake.  Very potent strain. Euphoric, relaxing, and mildly psychedelic. Calming and very receptive, like everythings in high definition.

1/8 oz             (3.5 grams)   $50

Kine 1/8 oz  (4.5 grams)    $60

1/4 oz             (7.0 grams)    $100

1/2 oz             (14.0 grams)  $160

 1 oz                (28.0 grams)  $300

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