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Tom the Nurse moved to San Francisco after serving honorably in the U.S. Navy as a hospital corpsmen. Tom earned his nursing license and was working in San Francisco in 1996 with some seriously ill patients when the official Cannabis Buyer’s Club was raided and shut-down by the Federal Drug Enforcement Agency. The shutdown of the main club was a blow to many people. Anyone who was ever in it will tell you that nothing like it existed anywhere in the United States. It was the prototype of the future “medicinal marijuana dispensary”.  Several different clubs quickly tried to fill the void………..

That’s when my Kine2b was born…  Partially out of the anger that some of the “new clubs” seemed to charge more money than the Original Buyers Club had.  Dennis Peron tried his best to keep prices low.  Tom the Nurse created the most patient centrist delivery services in San Francisco continuously since then.  It was Tom and others who sponsored and produced the free Cannabis Freedom Awareness Day at San Francisco’s Civic Center Plaza for many years.

Our good friend Jack Herer described Kine2b this way: “Tom the Nurse, Vinnie and Lola and Kine2b are the “Ben & Jerry’s” of the Cannabis world.”

Its now 2022 and we are out there everyday delivering to you folks not just because “its our job” but because its something we truly believe in.

SF FINEST MEDICAL MARIJUANA  and CANNABIS PRODUCTS delivered in San Francisco and Marin California