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We are Medical Marijuana Collective.  To become a member we require the following:

  • Current Dr’s recommendation:  Provide a valid recommendation in compliance with CA Health and Safety Code 11357.5 and SB 420.
  • Valid CA ID:  Either a CA driver’s license, ID card or passport
  • Kine2b Collective Agreement:  Provided via email prior to initial delivery.
  • Be 21 years or older.

Please contact us by telephone or email and we will send you a copy of our collective agreement.  For faster delivery you may return the collective documents by email to, or our driver may take a photos of these documents at time of delivery.

Privacy Policy

Please note that your membership in our collective is kept strictly confidential.  All membership documents are kept in a secure location, and are only used to ensure compliance with CA Health and Safety Code 11357.5 and SB 420. I will NOT and have not ever violated your confidentiality by sharing your e-mail/personal information with any other human. The transactions between us will continue to remain private and secure. I am aware of the current influx of new “fly by night” Marijuana Delivery Services & I am most grateful for the past 20 years…
Thanks! >>>> Kine2b

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    Please note that we sometimes have trouble receiving emails address such as those with a yahoo address through the link above.  Please contact us directly by phone (415) 505-7066 or email if we have not responded to your request.