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Simply put, my $300 30g ounces can be divided into 10g samples of 3 different strains. Much like any other ‘tasting’ I’m happy to provide the same courtesy to those preferring to try a variety of SF’s Finest.  Just let

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50% Sativa   50% Indica THC 26.8%  Izzy’s Favorite Girl Scout Cookies x Starfighter Super frosty nuggets with tastes of sweet vanilla and nutty earth topped with butter, very creamy, insanely delicious.  Crazy strong at 26% + %.    The high starts with

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90% Sativa 45% Indica 22% THC This legendary invigorating high THC sativa (90%) strain is named for its pungent gassy smell.  This is a fast acting strain that will leave you feeling energized with a dreamy  quality.  Used to treat anxiety,

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Indica 70%  Sativa 30%   THC 19.7% An indica dominant hybrid derived from Space Queen and Pinot Noir strains.  This strain will hit you fast with the taste of cherries and chocolate.  You’re will sure to feel relaxed and happy after

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Blueberry (DJ Short)

          Indica 80% Sativa 20% THC 20% Sweet flavors of fresh blueberries combine with relaxing effects for long lasting euphoria.  A hybrid from Purple Thai and Afghani lineage.  Used to help suppress pain and to relieve

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Cannabrex Nutraceutical Capsules

1 capsule has over 250 mg of pure, organic decarboxylized  trichrome crystals.  The psychoactive effect is just amazing!!! Tom and Izzy first made these years ago but always in small quantities for friends and family. At an early Cannabis Freedom

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High THC Honeycomb Wax

CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK Made from OG Kush Strong, sweet, and fragrant wonderful stuff. (THC 79.2%) This is a smokable high THC medical cannabis product. 1.5 gram  $40

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Artisan Cannabis Caramels

These medical marijuana caramels are receiving high praise. Each piece is hand-cut and wrapped in wax paper, with a nice sedative effect. Since these are small-batch, availability may be limited. Ingredients: Brown sugar, corn syrup,  sweetened condensed milk, cannabis butter.

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