60% Indica 40% Sativa  32.3% THC

GMO x Gush Mints

Nearly black purple buds with bright green accents and very heavy trichome frost.

Sharp minty flavor accented by sour lemon-lime hints of creamy sage. Aroma is even more vibrant with minty overtones accented by spicy gas, sour lemon-lime and a punch of sage.

Hits you full-force, slamming your brain with a sense of lifted euphoria. Instantly wipes away any bad moods or racing thoughts. You’ll feel happy yet calm, filled with a sense of tranquility. A deeply relaxing body high that won’t leave you feeling sleepy.

1/8 Oz. (3.5 grams)                         $40

Kine2b 1/8 Oz. (4.5 grams)           $45

1/4 Oz.               (7 grams)               $75

1/2 Oz.               (14 grams)             $120

1 Oz.                   (28 grams)            $200