200 mg bars are segmented into 4 individual 50 mg doses.

BUZZ BAR  Sativa-hybrid hash with Cacao (intelligence and memory support), Coconut (nourishment and strength building), and Maca (energy and endurance) for a long lasting, focused energy that is perfect for working.

50 mg bars   $6  or             200 mg bars   $20

SNOOZE BAR Indica-hybrid hash augmented by Nutmeg, Almonds, Poppy Seeds and 4 Ayurvedic sleep herbs. These ingredients have been recognized by many cultures to support restful sleep and counter the effects of stress.

200 mg bars   $20

SNUGGLE BITES reflects common knowledge and ancient wisdom that cannabis is a healthy sexual enhancer. We have includes herbs that are used as ‘aphrodisiacs’ in Indian medicine. They don’t just increase libido but strengthen the body for greater fulfillment for both men or women. Medicators report that Snuggle Bites increases passion! Snuggle Bites is perfect for people who medicate to experience life more fully.

200 mg bars   $20



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