Purple Rain

Purple Kush x Godzilla Grape

50% Indica  50% Sativa  19-21% THC

This strain has frosty deep purple buds that are good sized, tight and sparkle when you look at ’em.

Immediately, you’re hit with the refreshing smell of fresh berries and grape. It’s strong and fragrant and soon fills the room. You won’t want to take your nose out of the bag, inhaling deeply.

Purple Rain delivers a fusion of cerebral euphoria and physical relaxation. It gives you a real feeling of contentment.  Like most heavily Indica varieties, Purple Rain is effective in the treatment of aches, pain, stress, insomnia, muscle spasms. Really shines for nausea & loss of appetite and anxiety. Effects are for 1.5-2.5 hrs., perfect for those that have something planned later.

4.5 grams:   $  55
9.0 grams:   $110
15.0 grams:  $150
30 gram oz:  $300

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