60% Indica  40% Sativa     THC 27.4%

Ice Cream Cake x Sunset Sherbet

Dense grape-shaped bright neon and dark green nugs with golden undertones, thick orange hairs and golden white crystal trichromes.

Delicious sweet and creamy vanilla flavor with hints of sugary citrus and fresh fruits. Aroma of sweet diesel, earthy lemon lime and fresh picked flowers.

Will slam your brain with a rush of energy and uplifting euphoria, lifting you into a happy and productive state. Expect to get a lot done.

1/8 Oz.                 (3.5 grams)                        $40

Kine2b 1/8 Oz.  (4.5grams)                        $45

1/4 Oz.                 (7.0grams)                         $75

1/2 Oz.                 (14.0grams)                       $120

1 Oz.                     (28.0grams)                      $200