70% Indica  30% Sativa up to 25% THC

OG Kush x SFV OG parents

Frost covered nuggets covered with red hairs, giving the appearance of being “on fire.” Taste of citrus, herbals, lemon, sweet pine, spices.  This is a very strong strain and not be underestimated. Hits you hard. Instant euphoric energy that stimulates and then turns to relaxing sedative sleepytime after an hour or so. The whole package.


1/8 oz       (3.5 grams)   $50

Kine 1/8  (4.5 grams)    $60

1/4 oz        (7.0 grams)    $100

1/2 oz        (14.0 grams)  $160

 1 oz           (28.0 grams)  $300

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